What I Look Like

Now, what do you call me kids. Mr. Strawberries, do you know? Ummmmmm, Barfbrain? NO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Oh, sorry about that. So right now I’m just introducing myself before I start talking about Poptropica.

So here’s my picture



Got ya! I would never share info like that!

Peace Out Poptropica Lovers!



Get to Know Mr. Strawberries

You’re probably going: What!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! But don’t worry, Mr. Strawberries will implement humor in this blog. And no I am not the grammar police. Now, I’m starting Mr. Strawberries because of the Poptropica Help Blog blogger Blake. Many times he used someone in his post called Timmy. So I will first use Mr. Strawberries tomorrow.

Peace Out Poptropica Lovers!